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The YiyaHanyu smart training system

The YiyaHanyu smart Chinese language training system is a learner-centered, task-oriented program designed for both business people and college students working or hoping to work in China. In order to make the study of Chinese easier and more interesting, YiyaHanyu is produced and introduced to its courses many Hollywood-style videos to reflect real situations in which Chinese is used. Through speech recognition and assessment, human-machine dialogue and other techniques, the program helps the learner gain comprehensive skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese.

The design of the curriculum is based on international standards in language learning, such those provided by ACTFL, CEFR, and HSK, etc.

The YiyaHanyu Chinese learning app provides learning goals, associated comprehensive exercises for vocabulary, grammar, text, and cultural bits. It also includes core vocabulary lists, grammar insights and checklists for learners. After completing these 5 levels, learners will acquire approximately 1,000 words, 240 grammar structures and 500 Chinese characters, and develop communication skills in oral and written forms.

The YiyaHanyu Chinese learning app also provides printed learning resources :

  • Textbook Levels 1-5
  • Instructor’s Manual Levels 1-5
  • Website:;

As a complete learning system, Yiyahanu has been developed to Level 5.

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